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In this day-long presentation, renowned teacher and best-selling author Rick Hanson will explore how mindful attention to positive experiences can cultivate happiness, resilience, love, and inner peace.

Dr. Hanson, a Greater Good Science Center Senior Fellow, will explain how the brain has evolved a negativity bias, so it’s like Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for positive ones--which wears down health, mood, and self-worth. Happily, we can correct this bias by tapping the hidden power of everyday experiences to weave lasting inner strength and peace of mind into one’s brain and one's life.

Drawing on the exciting science of "neuroplasticity," Dr. Hanson will teach a simple method to internalize positive experiences in our memory systems, which can improve our mood and coping skills--in effect, using the mind to change the brain to change the mind for the better. His presentation will review the evolution of the brain and teach four steps that build up the neural circuits of contentment, calm, and confidence. In addition to using these methods for ourselves, he will suggest how we can use them to help children, clients, and patients. 

Dr. Hanson will summarize some of the core concepts and methods he has covered in previous workshops, and then apply these ideas and approaches to important relationships, offering practical resources for mental health professionals and anyone looking to enhance connections (and deal with difficulties) with close friends, family, or colleagues.