Dacher Keltner
Teaching Awards
  • 2002—Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor, UC Berkeley
  • 2002—Outstanding Teacher, Division of Social Sciences, UC Berkeley

Recent Courses
  • Introduction to Psychology
    Introduction to the principal areas, problems, and concepts of psychology.

  • Introduction to Social Psychology
    Survey of social psychology including interaction processes, small groups, attitudes and attitude change, and social problems.

  • Human Emotion
    This course examines two different theoretical perspectives on emotion: (1) the differential emotions approach with its strong evolutionary grounding, and (2) the social constructionist approach. Next, the course investigates empirical research on many facets of emotion including facial expression, physiology, appraisal, and the lexicon of emotion. Finally, we consider more specific topics including social interaction, culture, gender, personality, and psychopathology.

  • Current Topics in Psychology

  • Social Conflict

  • Social Psychology Graduate Core Course

  • Graduate Seminar on Human Emotion

  • Honors Research Seminar

  • Stanford Business School: Advanced Negotiation Program

  • Evolution of Ethics

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