Stop rushing around. For one day, try not to hurry yourself OR your children.

Slowing down in our fast-paced world—even just for a day—can bring deep feelings of relaxation and joy. Take each moment just as it is today, being mindful of your thoughts and your emotions. Feel the urge to rush? Worry that you’re going to be late? Simply notice the anxiety that has washed over you, and bring your attention to your breath, focusing on a deep exhalation.

Often, greater attention to the present moment can help us stay focused on the task at hand, decreasing our need to rush from one thing to the next.

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Welcome to our first edition of Tuesday Tips! I hope you enjoy this new feature of the Raising Happiness Blog.  (Seen this tip before?  It is being cross-posted on Red Tricycle, an online newsletter for parents that you might like.)

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