Wondering which Raising Happiness posts were most popular in 2011—on Greater Good and Facebook—and which generated the most comments?  Here’s the list!

11. A Surprisingly Simple Way to Feel Madly in Love
Love Potion No. 9: Gratitude in Relationships

10. What To Do When You Are Unhappy
Feeling better after we feel bad

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9. Occupy Parenting, Part 1
Why parents must support the movement

8. How Happy are Your Kids’ Friends’ Friends’ Friends?
It matters MUCH more than you think.

7. The Foundation of Happiness
My favorite gratitude practices.

6. Living Life Fully, Part 1

There is no bucket list.

5. Gratitude vs. Materialism
Holiday happiness is simpler than you might think!

4. Is Stress-Free Parenting Possible?
One day at a time, I think it is.

3. My UC Berkeley Commencement Speech
Brief advice for a life well-lived

2. How to Raise an Unhappy Child
Why do so many people still believe that achievement leads to happiness?

...and the most popular post of 2011 was…

1. Should You Stay or Should You Go?
Some relationship problems are workable. Others aren’t.

Happy New Year, everyone!

© 2011 Christine Carter, Ph.D.

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