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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving; this year I am particularly grateful for my job and to have such wonderful readers like you! Thank you for making my work meaningful. 

This week I posted a new article about the needs of teens, which was really fun for me to write. (And a welcome follow up to “The Kids Are Not Alright”).

If you’re already feeling over-whelmed by the holidays, I hope you’ll use the resources on our website! Lots of tips and tricks for preventing holiday fatigue and getting the most out of this “happiest time of the year.”

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Here’s what was on the blog in November… 

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Holiday Gratitude Traditions
Tis the season to foster gratitude in kids.

Why Gratitude Works
Why “thank you” is so important to happiness and life satisfaction.
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The Kids Are Not Alright
Do you think you worry too much about your children? Too little? How much is enough?

Preventing Holiday Fatigue
Gratitude is the key to happiness—especially when we are busy and stressed.

What Teens Need
Sometimes, they need carefully calibrated danger.

Do You Have Enough Friends?
A new study quantifies the importance of adult friendship.

Working on the Weekend?
Finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety over the weekend.

Giving Thanks
Helping kids understand the value of gratitude.

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