Even though I had a fun Valentine’s Day (a red and pink themed dinner with the kids) I’m finding it hard to not be feel fatigued by the sheer commercialism around romance at this time of year. Surprising, because I am a total romantic!

And those people who didn’t have a great Valentine’s Day? Well, we do know that calls to divorce lawyers peak right around now. One reason? Our expectations of our spouses are often too high, and Valentine’s Day punctuates all the ways that we feel let down.

I’ve been blogging about relationships for several years now, and something always strikes me when I revisit research related to what makes happy couples happy: It is possible to feel more in love. No, I don’t think every relationship should be saved. But I am a huge believer in knowing what little things I can do to make my romantic relationship more fulfilling.

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This newsletter is an index to a few of my favorite relationship blog posts that contain tips and techniques for feeling more in love. And if you haven’t already, check out the “Family and Couples” tab on Greater Good for even more resources.

May you be happy,

Watch - Short Videos

Relationship Tip: Say—or Just Think—Thanks
An easy way to feel more in love.

How to Fight
Tips for how to fight with your partner in a way that won’t damage your children.

Read - Written posts

Enthusiastic Spouses Have Happy Marriages
Why cheerleaders live happily ever after. 
Is Happiness Actually Important?
Is it worth staying in a marriage that makes you unhappy?

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Feel Madly in Love
Love Potion No. 9: Gratitude in Relationships.

Five Simple Sex Tips for Parents
The happiest couples do the no-pants dance frequently. 

How to Pick a Fight
Three tips for starting an argument that won’t damage your relationship.

Listen - short podcasts

Finding Happiness in Intimacy
How do you bring up problems in your relationship with your partner?

Is Your Spouse Right for You?
The hard work of BEING the right partner, rather than always trying to FIND the right partner.

Are You Your Partner’s Equal?
What do you need out of your relationship? What are your priorities?

And on Greater Good

How Love Grows in Your Body
The places where romantic love abides in our bodies—and the role each one plays in sustaining love over time.

The Love Upgrade
A new definition of love that realistically accounts for the ways we experience the emotion in our bodies and minds.

Gratitude is for Lovers
New research says thankfulness, not romance, might be the key.

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