Like most parents, I want both happiness and success for my kids, and one more thing as well: I want my kids to be KIND. The more I read about the science of kindness, the more convinced I am that helping others is the very foundation of both happiness and success. So this post pulls together some of my postings about how to raise kids who are kind—as well as happy and successful.


Five Ways to Raise Kind Children
Research shows that kindness is a sure route to greater happiness and, in some cases, improved health.

How to Raise a Hero
How we can make it more likely we raise heroes than bystanders.


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3 Ways to Raise Kind Kids
Quick Tips for Fostering Kindness


Bullies, Bystanders, and Really Kind Kids
Is your kid a bully? Even if you’ve taught your children right from wrong, sometimes the kids of kind and compassionate parents can still be…mean. Rona and I discuss strategies for raising children who don’t bully others.

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