Happy Memorial Day! 

I hope you’ll stop by the Raising Happiness blog this week to check out some of the postings you might have missed. My favorite post this month was about finding happiness on Facebook. Although my kids aren’t on Facebook yet, I am, and it was instructive to research ways Facebook can make us feel happier or more isolated, depending on how we use it.

What do you think? How does Facebook make you feel happy and connected? Or do you feel lonely when you use it? I’d love to hear from you; comment here.

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This month’s posts…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Who’s the Best Mom of Them All?
Just in time for Mother’s Day, Christine Carter offers her top ten tips for being the best mom you can be.

How to Keep Your Child Safe (and Happy) Online, Part 1
Tips for helping kids navigate the social media minefield

Three Ways to Find Happiness on Facebook
How to keep your child safe (and happy) online, Part 2

Podcast: Gratitude v. Entitlement
What do you do to stimulate feelings of gratitude?

Podcast: Forgive and Forget?
When we forget what happened, do we set ourselves up?

Podcast: Is Divorce Always Bad for Kids?
What does the research show?

Podcast: Is Happiness Selfish?
Will focusing on other people’s happiness ultimately make us happier than if we focus on our own needs?


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