Happy summer! 
I hope you are enjoying the change of pace that summer brings, and that you’ve adjusted to a change in your routine
Here on the Raising Happiness blog, we’ve been catching up on the videos series I created with my friend Kelly Corrigan, best-selling author of The Middle Place and Lift. So hard for me to believe that it was nearly five years ago that we launched this blog (then called “Half Full,”) with those videos. 
The first four videos of the series teach about Carol Dweck’s concept of the growth mindset. If you don’t know what that is, those videos are your crash course in how to help your kids fulfill their potential—in school, and all of their activities.

Videos about the “Growth Mindset”:

The Psychology of Success
Bestselling author Kelly Corrigan and I discuss the growth mindset!

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Achievement Doesn’t Matter
Kelly Corrigan and I discuss why we need to be more focused on effort than results. 

Oh Honey! You’re so, um, well, uh…
Kelly Corrigan and I discuss how to praise kids effectively.

Let Your Kids Fail
Kelly Corrigan and I discuss why we should embrace failure.

Other posts in July..

Gratitude Journal: Our Role Models-Big Shoes to Fill
Contribute to our community gratitude journal.   

Podcast: An Ancient Practice for Modern Ailments
Do you feel stressed out and overly busy?

Podcast: Happy Parent, Happy Child
Why it isn’t selfish to take care of yourself FIRST.

Podcast: Fostering Optimism and Confidence
Optimists are happier, healthier, and more successful.

Podcast: Raising Lucky Kids
Think good luck is random? Think again.


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