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I am grateful for the nourishment and beauty of the star that lights our world.
M. Vincenzo

I am grateful for meaningful and prosperous work, for my family and friends, and for the opportunity to serve and give to others. 
Jim Thomas

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I’m grateful for my husband, my tias, my tios, cousins, sister, brother, parents, husband’s family, and my friends. They all add much joy and laughter to my life =)
Marilyn Weger

I am grateful to be here, to learn, to listen and to know that lessons were learned and tomorrow we will love and try again.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I use “grateful” as a mantra, addressed to God.  “I am grateful for ....”  It’s amazing how often during the day the mantra is triggered.
Tom Silk

I’m happy that Grandma tells her grandchildren, “There’s nothing is breakable in my house that will be missed.”
grateful daughter-in-law

I, too, am grateful for all those who advocate for children, especially for CASAs, Court Appointed Special Advocates, who advocate for children in foster care.
Phoebe Bode

I’m grateful for some time away this weekend to focus on a favorite project.
Janine Kovac

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