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Welcome to our community gratitude journal, open to all who’d like to express their thanks or share a happy thought.

I am thankful to have two daughters who enjoy each other and love each other with all they have.
Sarah, mother of two

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I am grateful that my husband has quit smoking. It’s been 3 weeks and he’s doing great!

I’m thankful that our close-knit group that meets weekly is dedicated to intentional growth—we make it a daily habit to be grateful. We are seeing changes in our relationships.

I am grateful that i can make my kids laugh.

I am grateful that my father-in-law is approved for a medicine that will buy him some extra time.

I am grateful that God has blessed me with me a wonderful family and for each day that God is giving me.

I am grateful for my beloved wife of over 40 years and parents who remained faithful for over 60. And for all my children and grandchildren.
John WW

I’m happy that our preschool has planned a “Parents Night Out” (their most popular fundraiser) for tomorrow night.
Janine Kovac

Every week we post a photo submitted by one of our readers along with all the happy and thankful comments gathered throughout the week. 

© Sarah

To contribute, email your gratitude (a sentence or two would be great) or your favorite photo to Janine at

You can also contribute by commenting at the bottom of this post.  Please include: your name if you’d like us to use it and any other info you’d like us to list, e.g., if the “gratitude” is from one of your children, it would be great to know his or her age.


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