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Welcome to our community gratitude journal, open to all who’d like to express their thanks or share a happy thought. 

Dear Universe!
Thank you for the opportunity to raise our daughter, Alana, in a conscious and mindful home!  The journey here has not been easy but we are doing “the work” every day!  Thank you!
Your HAPPY particles,
Lynda, Mark and Alana

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Just returned from a trip with my teenage children visiting both sets of grandparents (so lucky!) and now home with them, our own beds, and sweet cats who missed us.
Chris Allen

I’m greateful for this Happiness Matters podcast: Why Fighting Hurts Kids. I feel that my marriage is in trouble (and my 14 month old twins may start getting affected). But on a more positive note - I’m greateful for a sunny day today (finally!) 😊.

I’m thankful for the lessons I have learned from my daughter and daughter-in-law as they taught their preschoolers to relax and to become calm after a meltdown, or how to avoid a meltdown.  I was able to share these lessons with a teacher new to the classroom.
Grateful mom

At the beginning of each month, I’m grateful that I have enough income to pay my bills for this month.  I used to think, “Oh, I now have nothing left!”  But now I realize I don’t need more.
Grateful Gal

I am so grateful for Robertson house, they made a new home for my two year old and I when my abusive husband went too far. There are 40 families here that are safe, warm and fed thanks to many caring staff.

I am grateful for the satisfaction I receive working in our garden whether it’s weeding or digging a hole for a plant.  I enjoy listening to the white-winged doves cooing and mockingbirds singing up a storm!
Texas Granny

I am grateful that my son has been happily enjoying his midyear recess at home doing numerous unstructured activities, mostly on his own, while I was in school.

I’m happy that my husband and I were able to resolve a delicate issue and improve our communication.  It felt good to “fight right.”
Happy Wife

I am grateful for health insurance, antibiotics, and a great pediatrician.
Janine Kovac

Alana, our precious teacher. Alana, our precious teacher. © Lynda

Every week we post a photo submitted by one of our readers along with all the happy and thankful comments gathered throughout the week. 

To contribute, email your gratitude (a sentence or two would be great) or your favorite photo to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You can also contribute by commenting at the bottom of this post.  Please include: your name if you’d like us to use it and any other info you’d like us to list, e.g., if the “gratitude” is from one of your children, it would be great to know his or her age.

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