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I’m grateful for living in the bush. I’m grateful for the kookaburra sitting in the old gum tree out front this morning and the beautiful drive to work through the Royal National Park and for bill withers singing lovely day.

I’m grateful that forgiveness doesn’t mean one will forget. It just means that I won’t keep wishing I had experienced a different past.

I am grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead of me and my ability and circumstances that enable me to grasp them.

I am grateful that we were able to take our family and in-laws to Disneyland for Spring Break. My mother-in-law was diagnosed stage IV pancreatic cancer and she has defied the odds to almost be cancer free! So grateful for living in a country with great medicine and doctors.

I am thankful to be a funded graduate student in a PhD program that I really enjoy.
Mccullough Brandi

I am grateful for the spring ritual of gardening chores- Especially pulling dandelions- Pulling dandelions means that I am lucky enough to have a house with a yard where the dandelions grow, that I can see the dandelions growing and that I am strong and coordinated enough to be able to pull them.

I am thankful that my child has friends to invite over for a tiny little old-fashioned egg hunt on the front lawn. It’s the simple things!

I’m grateful for my village. Lately a lot of stuff seems to be falling apart in the village and yet our collective weaknesses are still so much stronger than our individual strengths.
Janine Kovac

Every week we post a photo submitted by one of our readers along with all the happy and thankful comments gathered throughout the week.
To contribute, email your gratitude (a sentence or two would be great) or your favorite photo to Janine at

You can also contribute gratitudes by commenting at the bottom of this post. Please include: your name if you’d like us to use it and any other info you’d like us to list, e.g., if the “gratitude” is from one of your children, it would be great to know their age.

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