Thank you all for your engaging comments this month as I blogged about a tough topic: divorce. And marriage. And everything in between!

I’ve noticed that people in other forums tend to be pretty harsh when controversial issues touch that family-values-nerve. In comparison, Greater Good and Raising Happiness readers clearly show more compassion and less judgement as they work out sticky issues.  Which makes me proud: compassion is, of course, a happiness habit!

This month’s posts on divorce…

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Is Marital Bliss Sexist?
A brief Q&A with myself.

Is Divorce Immature and Selfish?
Or will it actually be good for your kids?

The “Good” Divorce
Twenty percent of kids are damaged by divorce. Here’s how to make kids part of the other 80 percent.

Podcast: Is Your Spouse Right for You?
Four Ways to Find Out

Podcast: Can A Single Parent Raise Happy Kids?
Single parents often feel guilty that they aren’t measuring up.


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