Dear readers,

Holy cow, we've got a lot going on here at the Greater Good Science Center. For starters, we're changing the name of the blog from Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids to RAISING HAPPINESS. We're gearing up for a total website re-launch this month, after which I'm going to be posting more frequently. After the re-launch we are going to release a new set of parenting videos and a new podcast called "Happiness Matters" with Rona Renner, host of the radio show Childhood Matters.

Another thing I'm really looking forward to is the new blog software coming with the relaunch, which will allow me to respond to your comments more easily. Thank you so much for all of the great comments and questions lately. I will eventually respond to all of them! Please make sure that you check the little box at the bottom of the comment page so that you are notified when I finally do answer your questions. (Thank you for your patience! Keep commenting!)

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Other news:

  • Join the Raising Happiness book club. Katy Keim, BookSnob blogger, is leading a discussion of Raising Happiness on Motherese. Grab your book here, as discussion of Chapters 1-3 begins on April 12th. Katy has written my favorite—uh, actually, the only—review of Raising Happiness. The woman knows me (literally: she's my friend) and she reveals why this is one of my favorite quotations: "You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants." —Stephen King
  • THANK YOU to all of those who volunteered to work with me for a CBS television segment about family mealtimes. I am now working with one SF East Bay family who rarely eats dinner together; our mission is to have them eating together FIVE nights a week or more! The Rachel Ray Morning Show is also doing a segment Raising Happiness. We'll let you know when these shows air.
  • I'm still, somehow, booking more speaking engagements this spring. For example, Evanston, IL folks can now come see me talk on April 26. Until our website relaunches, click here for the most updated list of Raising Happiness talks.
  • This blog won a national award! Big thanks to the Council on Contemporary Families, who have given us the award for "Online Coverage of Family Issues." They wrote: "Jurors were impressed by the range of issues, the quality of the writing, and the way the blog resonates with contemporary families, as evidenced by the number and breadth of comments. Above all, the "Half Full" blog is a terrific exemplar of the CCF mission: to disseminate engaging, well-grounded, responsible information about families today." My favorite thing about this award? I get to go to the CCF conference this month, where I'll get the latest on a lot of new research related to our parenting.

A big, heartfelt thanks to all of you, our readers, for participating in this blog! You make it what it is!

Warm regards,

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