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Articles: Seven Inspiring Images from 2012

By Jeremy Adam Smith | December 28, 2012

Need some elevation? We remember acts of heroism, altruism, compassion, joy, and forgiveness from the past year.

Harper Collins, 2012, 323 pages

Articles: Parenting for Authentic Success?

By Jill Suttie | December 21, 2012

Madeline Levine's new book tries to help parents resist entering their kids in the rat race.


Articles: Four Reminders of Human Strength and Goodness after Sandy Hook

By Jeremy Adam Smith | December 17, 2012

Are people horrible? It's a question many Americans are asking ourselves after the horror of a school shooting.


Articles: Our Children, Our Strangers

By Jeremy Adam Smith | December 3, 2012

A new book explores extreme differences between parents and children—and in so doing, reveals how we can all find empathy, resilience, and meaning in life's most difficult experiences.


Raising Happiness: How to Get the Most Out of Family Dinners

By Christine Carter | August 20, 2012

Part 7 in a series: Christine Carter and bestselling author Kelly Corrigan talk about how to get the most out of family dinners.


Raising Happiness: How to Raise an Olympic Athlete

By Christine Carter | August 13, 2012

Athletic success can be influenced by parenting


Articles: Should Women Thank Men for Doing the Dishes?

By Jeremy Adam Smith | July 5, 2012

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s “Having it All” essay in this month's The Atlantic raises important questions about men, women... and gratitude.

The Head Start program created this series of Fatherhood First posters "as an outward demonstration of support for men to become more involved in the Head Start program." Program staff use the language associated with each poster as talking points or conversation starters to encourage the participation of fathers and other men who may be interested in the program.

Articles: Four Steps to Father-Friendly Community Institutions

By William Marsiglio, Kevin M. Roy | June 14, 2012

Schools, hospitals, and nonprofits sometimes do a poor job of engaging fathers. But two researchers say that can change with four simple steps.

Delacorte Press, 2011, 176

Articles: A Guide to Your Child’s Brain

By Diana Divecha | February 15, 2012

A review of Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson's The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind.

New Harbinger, 2011, 181 pages

Articles: Can Romance Heal Childhood Traumas?

By Jill Suttie | February 10, 2012

A review of Wired For Love: How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship

Wouldn’t it be nice to just ask once?

Videos and Podcasts: Getting Kids to Listen—Without Nagging!

By Christine Carter | January 4, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice to just ask once?

a behind-the-scenes peek...

Raising Happiness: Video: Getting Kids to Listen—Without Nagging!

By Christine Carter | January 4, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice to ask just once?


Raising Happiness: Video: How to Make Your Holidays Happy

By Christine Carter | November 23, 2011


Raising Happiness: Wouldn’t You Love to Take the Summer Off?

By Christine Carter | July 27, 2011

The author and his daughter, last year.

Articles: The Surprising Benefits of Playful Papas

By Jason Marsh | June 19, 2011

New research suggests dads who play more with their kids make better husbands. But does it let them off the hook from changing diapers?


Articles: How to Get Dads Involved? It’s a Family Affair

By Philip A. Cowan, Carolyn Pape Cowan | June 16, 2011

If we want dad to be more engaged with his kids, we should focus on improving his relationship with mom, according to family experts Philip A. Cowan and Carolyn Pape Cowan.


Raising Happiness: Helping Kids Deal with Stress

By Christine Carter | June 1, 2011

Read the latest Raising Happiness newsletter.


Articles: Should We Talk to Young Children about Race?

By Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton | May 5, 2011

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton explains why colorblindness doesn't work.


Raising Happiness: Rethinking Optimism

By Christine Carter | May 4, 2011

Fostering confidence in children is easier than you think.


Research Digest Items/Studies: When Do We Forgive?


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