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Tag: Cooperation

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Articles: Playing for Peace

By Talia Kennedy | March 1, 2008


Articles: The Good, the Bad, and the Baby

By Elizabeth Walter | March 1, 2008


Articles: Are You a Jerk at Work?

By Robert I. Sutton | December 1, 2007

Robert I. Sutton explains how to handle bullies in the office—and prevent your own “inner jerk” from getting out.


Articles: Honesty and Respect

By Claude M. Steiner | December 1, 2007

Couples often struggle over sex and intimacy, but Claude M. Steiner offers a path to more satisfying relationships.


Articles: The Power Paradox

By Dacher Keltner | December 1, 2007

True power requires modesty and empathy, not force and coercion, argues Dacher Keltner. But what people want from leaders—social intelligence—is what is damaged by the experience of power.


Articles: Helper vs. Hinderer: Babies know the difference

By Tom White | November 28, 2007


Articles: Peace Among Primates

By Robert M. Sapolsky | September 1, 2007

Anyone who says peace is not part of human nature knows too little about primates, including ourselves.


Articles: Book Review: Evolution for Everyone

By Leif Hass | September 1, 2007

By David Sloan Wilson
Delacorte Press, 2007, 400 pages


Articles: Altruistic birds vs. altruistic humans

By Jeremy Adam Smith | August 17, 2007


Articles: Dads and Social Capital

By Jeremy Adam Smith | July 23, 2007


Articles: Book Review: Alone Together

By Jeremy Adam Smith | June 1, 2007

By Paul R. Amato, Alan Booth, David R. Johnson, and Stacy J. Rogers
Harvard University Press, 2007, 336 pages


Articles: Cooperation: Humans’ Evolutionary Legacy

By Jason Marsh | March 29, 2007


Articles: Book Review: Critical Lessons

By Matthew Wheeland | September 1, 2006

By Nel Noddings
Cambridge University Press, 2006, 319 pages


Articles: Handle with Care

By Nel Noddings | March 1, 2006

To deal with everyday ethical problems, kids need more than just a simple list of rules or virtues, argues Nel Noddings. They need chances to talk through their problems with caring and engaged adults.


Articles: Feeling Like Partners

By Philip A. Cowan, Carolyn P. Cowan, Neera Mehta | September 1, 2005

When it comes to romantic relationships, empathy is essential, but it isn’t always easy, say family researchers Philip A. Cowan, Carolyn Pape Cowan, and Neera Mehta. They explain the obstacles couples face—and how to overcome them.

An example of consolation among chimpanzees: A juvenile puts an arm around a screaming adult male, who has just been defeated in a fight with his rival. Consolation probably reflects empathy, as the objective of the consoler seems to be to alleviate the distress of the other.

Articles: The Evolution of Empathy

By Frans de Waal | September 1, 2005

We tend to think of empathy as a uniquely human trait. But it’s something apes and other animals demonstrate as well, says primatologist Frans de Waal. He shows how our evolutionary history suggests a deep-rooted propensity for feeling the emotions of others.

The "Peace Mural" painted across the street from Norwood Street Elementary School. It spans two walls formerly covered by grafitti.

Articles: Gaming the School System

By Matthew Wheeland | September 1, 2004

Thanks to one program, students have found that resolving their differences can be all fun and games.


Articles: To Know You Is To Love You

By Lisa A. Neff, Benjamin R. Karney | March 1, 2004

Marriage researchers Benjamin R. Karney and Lisa A. Neff have found that compassionate spouses have longer, more supportive marriages. But to be a compassionate spouse, you need more than love.


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