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Oxford University Press, 2010, 320 pages

Articles: A Peaceful End to the Battle of the Sexes

By Pelin Kesebir | January 20, 2011

A review of Is There Anything Good about Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men.


Articles: 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You

By Jill Suttie, Jason Marsh | December 13, 2010

Jason Marsh and Jill Suttie offer added incentives to get into the holiday spirit.

GGSC Executive Committee member and UC Berkeley psychologist Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton.

Raising Happiness: The Science of Happiness

By Christine Carter | October 19, 2010

Check out this fun video about Greater Good Science Center scientists

Binghamton community members at a brainstorming party to gather ideas for rebuilding a neighborhood park, part of the BNP's "Design Your Own Park" project.

Articles: Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Kids

By Jill Suttie | October 12, 2010

In one troubled city, researchers and community members are working together to boost altruism among adolescents. What can their project teach other communities facing hard times?


Articles: How to Rebuild Trust

By Anahid Modrek | October 11, 2010

A recent study suggests that our beliefs about human nature strongly influence how trusting we are.


Articles: Hands On Research: The Science of Touch

By Dacher Keltner | September 29, 2010

Dacher Keltner explains how compassion is literally at our fingertips.


Articles: The Egalitarian Brain

By David Amodio | August 31, 2010

Research on the neuroscience of prejudice is revealing how the brain can overcome our fears and racial biases, reports David Amodio.

The Age of Empathy, by Frans de Waal
Harmony Books, 2009, 291 pages

Articles: The Politics of Empathy

By Jill Suttie | June 17, 2010

Recent books bring empathy out of the lab and into policy debates

Marc and Bessie, a rescued dairy cow at Farm Sanctuary.

Articles: Expanding Our Compassion Footprint

By Marc Bekoff | May 20, 2010

Marc Bekoff explains that if we want to understand the roots of human goodness, we've got to look beyond humans.


Articles: Born to Help

By Jason Marsh | December 1, 2009


Articles: Birds Do It. Bats Do It.

By Jeremy Adam Smith, Alex Dixon | November 1, 2009

New research shows how cooperation prevails across the animal kingdom, report Alex Dixon and Jeremy Adam Smith. What can humans learn from other species?


Articles: Global Giving

By Cjay Roughgarden | September 21, 2009


Articles: Darwin’s Touch: Survival of the Kindest

By Dacher Keltner | February 12, 2009


Articles: Book Review: Rock, Paper, Scissors

By Alex Dixon | December 1, 2008

by Len Fisher
Basic Books, 2008, 288 pages


Articles: Do team victories feel better than individual victories?

By Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas | December 1, 2008


Articles: Community = Happiness?

By Tom White | August 5, 2008


Raising Happiness: Is a Divorced Dad as Important as Other Dads?

By Christine Carter | June 23, 2008


Raising Happiness: How Do We Get Dads to be More Involved?

By Christine Carter | June 18, 2008


Articles: Being social may help your heart

By Alex Dixon | March 2, 2008


Articles: A Smile You Can Trust

By Kasey Crispin | March 1, 2008


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