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Raising Happiness


October Raising Happiness Newsletter & blog recap

October 29, 2012 | Newsletters | 0 comments

I’m really excited to introduce our new video series, which is different from anything I’ve done before. We took 20+ of your most frequently asked parenting or happiness questions, and I answered them in these frank,  1-2 minute videos. We’ll be rolling out a couple of new videos every month through next summer.

I hope you enjoy this new series! Please take a minute to tell me what you think in the comment section

May you be happy,

Here’s what was on the blog in October… 

New Video Series:
3 Ways to Raise Kind Kids  
First video in a new series!

Is Happiness Learnable?  
Happiness isn’t only determined by genetics. It’s a skill we can develop with practice.
Main Dish:
How to Get Your Household to Run Itself 
An old standby that really works
How to Deal with Misbehaving Kids  
The cure for “empty threat syndrome.”

Getting Kids to Play by Themselves  
Strategies that work—and aren’t the TV. 

Keeping Kids Safe-and Happy!-on Facebook  
What should we teach our children about Facebook? 

Dealing with “Sass Mouth”
Do your kids talk back to you? 

Bullies, Bystanders, and Really Kind Kids
Tips for raising children who don’t push others around.

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