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Interview: Emiliana Simon-Thomas, UC Berkeley’s happiness guru

From The Daily Cal | September 12, 2014

Emiliana Simon-Thomas chats with the Daily Cal about the ins and outs of happiness, if it can be learned, and why so many Millennials — including at least 2,500 from UC Berkeley — signed up for the course.


Past Stories

3 Ways to Eliminate Working-Parent Guilt

From Inc. | April 4, 2013

Jeremy Adam-Smith shares tips on juggling work and family


Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center hosts conference on the substance of mindfulness

From | March 21, 2013

Mercury News writer Lou Fancher provides a review of the GGSC's Practicing Mindfulness and Compassion event.


Compassion Quiets the Mind, Improves the Body, Embraces the World

From | March 21, 2013

Washington Times writer Eric Nelson attends the GGSC's Practicing Mindfulness & Compassion event and shares what he learned about compassion.


Why Lent Makes People Happier

From the San Francisco Chronicle | March 19, 2013

Greater Good Editor-in-Chief Jason Marsh and GGSC Faculty Board member Robb Willer explain how consuming less can enhance our happiness.


Berkeley Center Funds Gratitude Research

From the San Francisco Chronicle | December 4, 2012

A profile of the GGSC's work to advance the science and practice of gratitude.


Keeping a gratitude journal

From Los Angeles Times | November 17, 2012

LA Times author Mary MaVean highlights the Greater Good's gratitude journal.


HealthWatch: Gratitude Journal Helps Many Enjoy Life

From CBS San Francisco | November 2, 2012

Emiliana Simon-Thomas is featured in a news segment on the benefits of forming a lifestyle of gratitude


How inequality hurts Romney’s happiness

From | September 21, 2012

Jason Marsh presents research on empathy in the wealthy as a response to Romney's comment about low-income Americans.


The Money Empathy Gap

From New York magazine | July 1, 2012

Dacher Keltner's research addresses the complex relationship between wealth and empathy.


Greater Good Science Center: On the Fine Art of Gratitude

From Berkeleyside | June 22, 2012

The GGSC's Emiliana Simon-Thomas talks to Berkeleyside about the practice of gratitude in her personal and professional life


Gratitude Movement Leader to Speak in SF

From The San Francisco Chronicle | June 21, 2012

Article on gratitude conference highlights the GGSC's "Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude" project and interviews science director Emiliana Simon-Thomas.


Chronicling the New American Family

From American Public Media's "Marketplace" | June 15, 2012

An interview with Jeremy Adam Smith on his thoughts regarding the shift from traditional roles in the American workforce and home.


Where are the stay-at-home dads in children’s books?

From The Globe and Mail (Canada) | June 14, 2012

Just in time for Father's day, Jeremy Adam Smith discusses the role of fathers in the home and their place in children's literature.


Who’s more compassionate…atheists or fundamentalists?

From The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann | May 8, 2012

A T.V. interview with Emiliana Simon-Thomas regarding research findings on compassion in religious people compared to non-religious people.


Your Brain on White People

From Salon | April 29, 2012

Jeremy Adam Smith explains the effect of the media's portrayal of race on our minds


JetBlue passengers reacted. Would you?

From | March 30, 2012

Jason Marsh explains how heroic JetBlue passengers overcame the bystander effect


Greed Prevents Good

From The New York Times | March 16, 2012

In this New York Times Room for Debate opinion piece, the GGSC's Dacher Keltner explains how money makes people act unethically.


UC Berkeley Study: Empathy as an antidote for job burnout

From Contra Costa Times | January 1, 2012

GGSC fellow Eve Ekman does research on the benefits of incorporating empathy into the workforce


Greater Good Science Center’s key to happy holidays

From The San Francisco Chronicle | December 29, 2011

Dacher Keltner and Christine Carter's tips on how to have truly happy holidays


Changing Perspectives on Gratitude and Giving

From Childhood Matters | December 18, 2011

Jeremy Adam Smith discusses ways to cultivate and embrace gratitude and giving during the holiday season.


Our Potential for Good

From Psychotherapy Networker | November 2011

An interview with the GGSC's Dacher Keltner about the evolution of altruism.


Christine Carter on the Today Show

From The Today Show | September 19 2011

The GGSC's parenting expert discusses how to help kids cope with stress and foster happiness.


Raising Happiness: Author Christine Carter Explains Why Kids NEED Happy Parents

From Modern Mom | August 10, 2011

Christine Carter talks about why parents need to be happy for their kids.


Nightline on the Power of Touch

From ABC News | June 9, 2011

What Dacher Keltner's research reveals about the NBA finals.


Dallas’s Secret Weapon: High Fives

From The Wall Street Journal | June 9, 2011

Read what Dacher Keltner's research on touch tells us about the NBA finals, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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