This special day-long event will be co-taught by Shauna Shapiro and Dan Siegel, two renowned experts on the science and practice of mindfulness. Together they will explore how mindfulness not only helps hone skills of attention but also cultivates compassion, kindness, and connections with others.

While the physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness are becoming increasingly well-known, Drs. Shapiro and Siegel will discuss mindfulness' strong relational benefits, and they will share strategies for enjoying these benefits in our personal and professional relationships. Their presentation will weave cutting-edge science into lecture, experiential exercises, and discussion, creating a day that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally rich, and deeply practical.

This will include several different contemplative practices that cultivate mindfulness and compassion, along with Dr. Siegel's discussion of "the wheel of awareness and the integration of consciousness"--in other words, how exploring the nature of the mind, which he describes as emerging from the flow of energy and information, illuminates the nature of inner experience and interpersonal relationships.