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Welcome to the New Greater Good

Announcement | May 3, 2010

Tell us what you think!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the new Greater Good!

For nearly a decade, the Greater Good Science Center and our Greater Good magazine have been at the cutting edge of the science of compassion, happiness, and altruism—the science of a meaningful life. Now we’ve expanded our format to offer deeper, more dynamic reporting on this science and all its crucial applications.

On the new Greater Good, you’ll find:

  • The entire Greater Good archive—hundreds of articles that have appeared in the magazine, most of which were not previously available online;
  • Stronger integration of Greater Good articles and our award-winning Raising Happiness parenting blog (formerly called Half Full), making it easier for you to find all the resources you need;
  • New videos, including our Science of a Meaningful Life series, which boasts provocative, accessible presentations by some of the world’s top experts on compassion, mindfulness, happiness, and more. We kick off the series with an energizing talk by Jon Kabat-Zinn;
  • Forthcoming podcast series, including the Greater Good Podcast—interviews with leading researchers and thinkers on the science of social-emotional well-being—and the Happiness Matters Podcast, featuring conversations between the GGSC’s Christine Carter and nurse Rona Renner, host of the radio show “Childhood Matters.” Look for them next month!
  • A new Meaningful Life Community section, with forums that promote discussion and connections among our community members.

For even more Greater Good, we encourage you to start a membership to the Greater Good Science Center, which gives you access to members-only articles and videos, and discounts on GGSC live and online events.

We’re excited about our new look and features, which will help us deliver even more practical, research-based, and inspiring material to readers like you. We hope that you’ll spend some time getting familiar with the new Greater Good share it with friends and colleagues.

But we definitely want to hear from you. So much of our success and impact over the years has been due to the support we’ve received from the Greater Good community.

Please tell us what you think of the new Greater Good by visiting our new discussions forums and posting a comment.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for all you do for the Greater Good.

(And special thanks to the terrific folks at Hop Studios, who worked tirelessly to help us design, develop, and launch the new Greater Good, and to the Quality of Life Foundation, whose support made our relaunch possible.)


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To the founder of the Greater Good Science Center. This confirms my suspicions. The fact that I’m an eternal optimist is not a function of money, social status or ingested substances from years past.  It is the evolution of complex emotions overriding my limited intellect putting me into this perpetual state. Several years spent under your informal tutelage in Penryn must definately have contributed also.

Keep promoting good…’s contagious!

Colin | 9:43 pm, August 13, 2010 | Link


This is interesting research. Would be very useful if you could post on how people can be motivated to do good things for others. For example, how to get people to be responsible environmental stewards. Thus far we’ve basically heard that people will only change their behavior under the shadow of peer pressure. Not a very encouraging commentary on the good-naturedness of human beings.

Emmy | 4:31 pm, October 27, 2010 | Link


just to say how delighted I am to discover that such an
institution exists! I just found ur site via Raising
Happiness Fb page,& LOVED the article re Self-
Compassion (as it happens I just ordered the Sharon
Salzburg book cited earlier today!)
I’m looking forward to receiving more via e-Newsletter.
One odd thing, about ur user interface here… I ended
up having to register twice, cos first one had wrong
email address which was impossible to correct by
*confirming* RIGHT address…mostly cos for some
strange reason, no CURSOR shows up as I am typing in
ur txt boxes, like this one. Dont think its at my end…

maree robertson | 11:28 am, July 12, 2011 | Link

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