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Happiness Matters Podcast

Dr. Christine Carter and Nurse Rona Renner give busy parents tips for raising happy children and leading more joyful lives as parents.

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Dealing with Kids’ Misbehavior

August 2011 | TRT 11:54

All children do things that make us angry and embarrassed sometimes!  This podcast address WHY they might be misbehaving. Rona guides us through her system for dealing with misbehavior—and preventing it in the future.  Here is a link to the worksheet we refer to.

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I really got a lot out of the recent “Dealing with kids misbehavior” pod talk. I tried to link to the sheet which Christine and Ronna refered to, but
couldn’t find it. Can someone tell me where I might be able to get it ?

Thanks so much!
Kate Rozelle

Kate | 4:03 pm, August 8, 2011 | Link

Jason Marsh's avatar

Hi Kate. The sheet is available at

Thanks for your comment!

Jason Marsh | 4:06 pm, August 8, 2011 | Link

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