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Four Great Gratitude Strategies

By Juliana Breines | June 30, 2015

Here are the key research-based principles for turning gratitude into a lasting habit, drawing from the GGSC’s new website, Greater Good in Action.


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Five Ways for Teachers to Recharge This Summer

By Emily Campbell | June 17, 2015

Another school year is over. And just in time, here are activities from our new web resource to help teachers make the most of summer.


Happiness Greatest Hits

By Jeremy Adam Smith | March 20, 2015

Today is the UN's International Day of Happiness! To celebrate, here's a list of some of our most illuminating and helpful happiness research, tools, and tips.


Gratitude Greatest Hits

By Jeremy Adam Smith | November 19, 2014

During the past three years, we've published dozens of articles and videos about the science of gratitude. Just in time for Thanksgiving, here are the best!

The four types of photos used by researchers who found that images with dolls facing each other in the background--like in image (a)--primed kids to help others.

Four Ways to Encourage Kindness in Students

By Vicki Zakrzewski | August 20, 2012

Back-to-school tips: Research-based steps teachers can take to prime their students for kindness.


Eight Tips for Fostering Flow in the Classroom

By Jill Suttie | April 17, 2012

Every teacher wants students to feel engaged and happy in the classroom. Here are research-based tips for making it happen.


Greater Good Sex Tips for Guys

By Jeremy Adam Smith | February 12, 2012

Jeremy Adam Smith offers three science-based sex tips for the emotionally intelligent gentleman.


Seven Tips for Fostering Generosity

By Jeremy Adam Smith | December 12, 2011

It's a time of giving. But can we make giving a way of life, all year round?


Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

By Jason Marsh | November 17, 2011

Here's a way to be thankful all year long.


Have You Helped Someone Today?

By Jason Marsh | March 15, 2011

Tell us how--and enjoy a helper's high.


Six Ways to Boost Your “Habits of Helping”

By Stephen G. Post | March 15, 2011

Want to live a longer, healthier life? Stephen G. Post explains how to reap the benefits of practicing altruism.


10 Ways to Become More Grateful

By Robert Emmons | November 17, 2010

Robert Emmons offers everyday tips for living a life of gratitude.

Fred Luskin discusses why and how to forgive at the Greater Good Science Center event, "Forgiveness and Gratitude."

Fred Luskin Explains How to Forgive

By Jason Marsh | August 24, 2010

His research-tested technique for giving up your grudges.


The Hows of Happiness

By Jason Marsh | July 21, 2010

Seven research-tested strategies for a happier life.

Children participating in the Mindful Schools program.

Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

By Megan Cowan | May 13, 2010

Five Steps to Happiness at Work

By Timothy Sharp | July 1, 2009

Australian positive psychologist Timothy Sharp—otherwise known as "Dr. Happy"—asked 50 people a simple question: What do you consider to be the top three contributors to happiness at work? Their answers provide food for thought to managers and employees alike.


Everyday Art

By Christine Carter | December 1, 2008

Christine Carter reveals six steps for boosting kids' creativity.


Five Ways to Rebuild Trust

By Jeremy Adam Smith | September 1, 2008

Knowledge is Power

By Jeremy Adam Smith | March 1, 2008

Four Ways to Give Thanks

By Catherine Price | June 1, 2007

How to Avoid Labor Pains

By Jess Alberts , Angela Threthewey | June 1, 2007

The Making of an Upstander

By Jason Marsh | September 1, 2006

What an Apology Must Do

By Aaron Lazare | September 1, 2004

Nine Steps to Forgiveness

By Fred Luskin | September 1, 2004


  • How to Find Your Power—and Avoid Abusing It

    May 17, 2016

    In an adaptation from his new book, Dacher Keltner explains the secret to gaining and keeping power: focus on the good of others.

  • Why Do We Feel Awe?

    May 10, 2016

    According to Dacher Keltner, there are important evolutionary reasons: It's good for our minds, bodies, and social connections.

  • How Mindfulness is Changing Law Enforcement

    May 18, 2016

    Meditation is helping police officers to de-escalate volatile situations, improve community relations—and improve their own well-being.


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